Customer-oriented Communication

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Corporate Grassroots


Voluntary instead of obligatory: Genuine commitment for an enterprise allows recognition and appreciation to integrate.  This is what Corporate Grassroots is about.

Corporate grassroots is a US mobilization approach. It is based on the commitment and support of fans. The strategy is to use the commitment of the convinced ones, instead of trying to persuade people into doing something.

Business benefits:

  • Fans do more than customers. Fans do more than employees.
  • Fans put their heart and emotions into an enterprise.
  • And emotions make an enterprise unmistakable.
  • Fans are a clear competitive advantage.

Each enterprise has fan potential, i.e. it has persons, who stand by the enterprise -steadfastly and convincingly. Those who can manage to identify these fans and merge them into the enterprise, will have a particularly high-competitive market situations, and above all emotional competitive advantage.

We qualified and linked Corporate Grassroots experts on project level: Grassroots experts

Fans are reliable ambassadors. Their commitment is living proof of the achievements of the business. Their activities are emotional, singular and make amazing company stories that are worth repeating!

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Communication Consultation


Do you want to know how to treat your stakeholder really well? D you want to make your customers fans? Do you believe in the enthusiasm of your employees?

We guide your enterprise and/or your organization to communicate and become really customer-oriented.  Its about language, commitment and professionalism. Its also about standardization, process management and efficiency – with much heart. We work with you to achieve customer communication at its best.

Our consulting emphasis

  • Authentic service orientation
  • Committed customer communication (oral and written)
  • Process management in pioneer situations  (e.g. restructuring or change of service )
  • Training & Coaching of customer-oriented communication in the team
  • Management on time/project management


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