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Dr. Franz Fischler, consultant, former European Union commissioner, President of the European Forum Alpbach: “Commitment, professionalism and empathy, describes the  work of Michaela Mojzis Böhm” (FFC)

Prof. Dr. Franz Schausberger, Institut of the Regions of Europe, President of the Board of Directors: “Michaela Mojzis Böhm is a precise organizer and a highly gifted communication talent. Whatever she does, she does with real passion, which results in success.”

Mag. Martina Pecher,
CEO Pecher consulting:
“Michaela Mojzis can awaken enthusiasm and understands it like no other. She can design mobilization campaigns and breath life into the project. Her many years of experience in politics and economy makes her a particularly exciting adviser,  trainer and coach.” (www.pecher-consulting.at)

Mag. Michael Ikrath,

Secretary-General of the Austrian association of savings banks: “Working with Michaela Mojzis not only brings joy, but brings clear knowledge transfer. She is a communications and a mobilization professional”

VOKA, painter & founder of spontaneous realism: “I appreciate professionals, who understand their handicraft and at the same time are spontaneous and committed. For me, Michaela is exactly this kind of  professional – She is effective & I enjoyed working with her”.

DDR. Karl Gollegger, Member of the Managing board of Verbund Sales GmbH: “Michi Mojzis is an example of commitment, optimism and high discipline.  With her assistance, one can deal with difficult situations professionally and efficiently. She is not a fair weather adviser, but a genuine fellow combatant”

HR Mag. Reinhold Sahl, Burghauptmann / Burghauptmannschaft Austria: “I appreciate the consequence, the structured approach and excellent competence of Michaela Mojzis-Böhm. She stays true to her principles” (Burghauptmannschaft)

The Company


In June 1992, Michaela Mojzis Böhm created her enterprise Sprache am Markt, as a communication consultancy. Today this enterprise advises and trains numerous,  prominent  European enterprises within the area of customer-oriented communication and Corporate Grassroots.

More than 17.000 persons have already visited seminars or lectures of Michaela Mojzis Böhm. Michaela Mojzis Böhm is used world-wide as coach, trainer, adviser and keynote speaker.  She happily takes spontaneous and / or difficult challenges on-board. Sprache am Markt is based in Vienna and everywhere in the world, where there is an internet connection.

Michaela Mojzis Böhm:

“I am made up of many different worlds, which I co-design, and/or co-designed and the also the special people, that I met along the way.  They helped me again and again, supported me and taught me courage and humility.”

Bio Michaela Mojzis-Böhm: CV_MMB

Dr. Johannes Hörl, General Manager and CEO, Großglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG: „Whoever is looking for a  sharp (although sometimes „painful“) analysis, a clear (conclusive, unconditional and optimum oriented) goal defined, includingexclusively pertinent and effective measure proposals, needs to work with Michaela Mojzis/ Sprache am Markt.“ (GROHAG)

Mag. Renate Danler, Managing Director, HOFBURG Vienna: “Communication connects people, Michaela Mojzis Böhm connects authenticity and Corporate Communication. I was allowed to become acquainted with her. She is a person who reacts in a  flexible way to different situations, but nevertheless, remains focused on the goal. “ (HOFBURG Vienna)

Ambassador Hans Winkler, Director Diplomatic Academy of Vienna: “I appreciate the professional approach to communication, and the unusual expertise assessment within the area of mobilization from Michaela Mojzis Böhm and her team. The Diplomatic Academy Vienna, offers young people a vocational career within the international sector. However, we strive not only to offer further education to the highest academic level, but we are fully aware of the increasing necessity for communicative abilities, negotiation skills and rhetoric. We are glad to have someone like Michaela Mojzis Böhm, as a committed ally.” (Diplomatic Academy of Vienna)

Mag. Natalie Scherfler,

Managing partner, ACCELOR consulting and Business development GmbH: „1000% presence, the customer is always in focus and I appreciated her caring, attentive charm – I treasured working with Michaela Mojzis Böhm! “ (Accelor)

Hubert Hämmerle, president of the Vorarlberger chamber for employees’ welfare: „In the seminars of Michaela I appreciated the clear structure and the deep empathy she had for the group and individuals “.

Track Record (Extract)


  • Allianz AG
  • Billa AG
  • Detecon (ifsm)
  • Deutsche Bank (ifsm)
  • Elvia Reiseversicherung
  • Erste Bank
  • Fachverband der Finanzdienstleister
  • Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten
  • Graf & Pitkowitz Rechtsanwälte GmbH
  • institut für sales management
  • Junge Wirtschaft Österreich
  • Kissel Consulting
  • Mischek Bau
  • Movelo
  • Pädagogische Hochschule Wien
  • Santander Bank (ifsm)
  • Österreichische Sportunion
  • Österreichischer Wirtschaftsbund
  • Proconsult
  • Verband der Österreichischen Zeitungsherausgeber
  • Winforce Schweiz
  • Zurich Versicherung (ifsm)

Maria Rauch Kallat, Consultant und ehemalige Bundesministerin: “Ich kenne und schätze Michaela und ihre Arbeit seit vielen Jahren und aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen. Besonders schätze ich die Kompetenz, die Professionalität, die Erfahrung und die Empathie, die sie in ihre Arbeit einbringt.” (MRK Consulting)

Uwe Reusche, Partner ifsm: “Michaela Mojzis ist ein Kommunikations- und Mobilisierungsprofi, mit dem dem Zusammenarbeit Spass macht. Unsere zahlreichen gemeinsamen Projekte sind bzw. waren nicht nur erfolgreich, sondern auch freudvoll und effizient in der Abwicklung” (ifsm)

Christine Rupprechter-Rödlach, Director Public Affairs, FACE: “Ich kann das außerordentliche Kommunikationstalent von Michaela und ihrem erfahrenen Netzwerk für Coaching, Training, Seminare und damit verbundene Kommunikationsarbeit nur wärmstens empfehlen” (face)


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